We support everyone(beginners welcome)'s safe and fun diving.

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About diving shop

Adjoined diving shop “Gopher dive” prepares wide range of diving course for beginners to advanced skilled divers.
Beginners can take snorkel or diving workshop course immediately with empty-handed.
Enjoy a beautiful under water world in Chatan with the skilled instructor’s safe support.

Shop Name Gopher dive Okinawa
URL http://www.gopherdive.com


This is a course to enjoy the view inside the sea from water surface with a mask, snorkel and fin. You will never sink to the sea with a wet-suit and a life jacket. This is an enjoyable course for everyone, including beginners and seniors. Please safely enjoy the beauty of Okinawa’s sea.

Diving Workshop

It’s a course to enjoy underwater world in diving equipment and wear. You can join the course without the license (C card). Any one has idea of: “I want to try diving once!””I want to have a look under the sea, but not confident enough””Before starting diving as my hobby, I want to try it first”, please join our course!

Fun Diving

This is a course for diver with C card license. We have wide range of course level for from beginners to skilled divers. Way to enjoy the diving has infinite possibilities-Undersea limestone cave, migration fish spot, night diving and photos under the sea!

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